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"Three Wishes"
l-r Amy Holt, Suzan Collier, Melissa Crisp, Kira Mathis, 
Kristan Leigh, and Jessica Kier Cowart
Welcome to the Chapel Grove Films website!

We're located near Charlotte, NC, but our goal is to produce mainstream feature length movies that are just as good as -- or better than -- anything they're making out on the Left Coast.

We believe in the strength of the talent and crew people in the Southeast region.  With the right people, the right resources, and a common vision, we can grow this area into a film force to compete with Hollywood.

Below you will find links to our previous and current projects.  Check them out and then give us your feedback.

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Completed Projects
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Three Wishes
A Matter of Life
Dead Giveaway
 Night Watch
Last Resort
One Night With You

Future projects:

"North of Hell" - Short - eerie drama - A young woman comes to seek vengeance on the man who attacked her.

"Boardwalk" - Feature - romance - A young man from L.A. arrives in Myrtle Beach, SC, on holiday. He meets a mysterious local girl who teaches him all about beach music, the Shag, and the life of the beach locals. Sun, sand, surf, bikinis, beach music and shag dancing -- what's not to love?

"Shattered Lives" - Feature - drama - A woman's life is completely destroyed when she is brutally raped.

Untitled - Feature - historical drama about the First American Negro Ballet

Theremin - Feature - historical drama about Leon Theremin

"Doublecross" - Feature or short - suspense drama - A rich man without a conscience meets his double and plots the perfect murder.

"A Scottish Fling" - Feature - romantic comedy - A young man tries to impress a girl by pretending to be well versed in his Scottish heritage. All goes well until he is challenged to compete in the Highland Games for the affections of the lass.

"Plan 9 From Outer Space" - Feature - remake of the sci-fi classic - Glenda Daniels is the youngest female FAA investigator ever, and no one takes her seriously. When she uncovers an alien plan to take over the world, she must fight them with only the aid of a 'ramp rat' named Chance.

"The 10th Plan" - Feature - sequel to "Plan 9" - The aliens are back! This time it's up to a jaded radio sci-fi talk show host and his psychologist ex-wife to keep them from invading.

"May-December" - drama - young woman and older man in an unlikely romance, facing the pressures of family and friends.

"Timeless" - drama - What do you do when falling in love means losing him forever? A man tells a woman he's from the future, and he must make her fall in love with him to save humanity. But if she falls in love with him, he will cease to exist.

"A Marriage of Inconvenience" - comedy short - A man and woman marry for convenience because both are afraid of real committment. But when the marriage starts to work out, they'll go to any lengths to undermine it.